Monthly Archives: October 2008

The Agenda will be awesome tonight

And not just because I’ll be a guest. Tonight’s episode dedicates a full hour to a discussion of not just “what are the forgotten issues of this election campaign,” but also “how do they become forgotten?” Are voters making their decisions based on theatre or policy? Do we suffer from a “gotcha” media that lowers the level of debate? How is the discourse in the United States different from here in Canada, and why?

Other guests include Andrew Coyne and Margaret Wente. Live at 8pm tonight on TVO.

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Ok, that was awesome

I know I’m a partisan, but Elizabeth May rocked that debate. I’m particularly thrilled that she named fixing our broken electoral system as her number one priority. It probably wasn’t the answer a focus group would have told her to use, but it was the right one. (And now, as I type this, it’s also the topic of the first question in the post-debate press scrum.) Also worth noting that I still can’t remember the last time Jack Layton even mentioned fair voting. Got anything to say, Dipper Chick?

Also, special thanks to the CBC for not repeating last night’s error.

Oh come on, CBC

This is nonsense. The CBC goes to their post-debate panel and it includes a representative from every party except the Greens? And then as if that wasn’t bad enough, when Don Newman went around the table he asked the NDP pundit to comment on Elizabeth May’s performance as if she could speak on Elizabeth’s behalf. The NDP representative was then of course free to heap criticism on May for a minute with no one there to refute her. Pathetic.