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Welcome to the official campaign website for Chris Tindal, candidate for City Councillor of Toronto’s Ward 27. If this is your first time visiting, you may want to watch this video from our campaign launch. You can also learn more about Chris on the about page or check out who’s endorsing him. You can easily and quickly get involved by donating or signing up to volunteer. Finally, stay up to date by signing up for email updates on the right side of any page. Thanks for visiting!

A message from Chris…

“This election represents a choice between the past and the future. If we elect one more Liberal, one more Conservative, or one more New Democrat, we change nothing. On the other hand, if we make history and elect Canada’s first Green Member of Parliament, we change Canadian politics forever. This Monday, March 17th, I would be proud to have your support and your vote.”

-Chris Tindal

Use the links on the left to find out who’s endorsing Chris, watch some videos, request a sign, and more. The links and search box on the right let you browse Chris’ over 300 blog posts from the last two years to get to know him better and find out where he stands on various issues. (The most recent blog posts are below.) If at any point you get lost or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New Job

Started a new job today. It’s very time consuming, and will continue to be at least for the first few months. The quantity and depth of my posts will likely be affected. I’ll do my best to keep contributing in a meaningful way, but just wanted to give you faithful a head’s up.

Canadian Bloggers Threatened

“The threat of lawsuits…might turn the Canadian political blogger into an endangered species.” The National, CBC, Thursday August 16th, 2007

The below news story aired on CBC The National last night, and takes a look at how the legal climate in Canada is already contributing to the “chilling” of free speech, and eventually may even force companies like Google and Wikipedia to block their sites in Canada. I’d elaborate on what I think of all this, but the last time I did that I got sued (a suit which I am currently defending). Michael Geist, one of the interviewees in the piece, is named on the same lawsuit as myself.