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I won a thing

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that last Tuesday I participated in a Rock Band (the video game) competition for the Sick Kids Foundation. And my band won. And I’m really thrilled about it. A short video of one of our songs is embedded below and there’s a photo gallery on Flickr here. My brother Alex Tindal is on vocals (you may recognize him from the “Canada Land” Tim Horton’s Roll-up the Rim commercials), my wife Claire Salloum is on bass, and our friend Jerome Valero is on drums.

I will have you know that in this clip I am performing on “expert” and have lost my guitar strap, as has Claire. There are lots of hilarious things I could tell you about the evening, but main thing you should know is that our prize for winning this Rock Band video competition was recording studio time. Seriously.

It All Adds Up

Less than two hours before the polls close…if you haven’t yet, get out there and vote! Today has been very exciting in the office and around the riding: phones and computers all constantly in use, people wishing me luck on the street and telling me they’ve already voted Green. And you know what? It all adds up…