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Ward 27: Seeking an independent councillor
Katie Daubs – Toronto Star – October 15, 2010

“Tindal, who is running on a platform of smart development, fiscal responsibility and modernizing the TTC, has charmed audiences at most debates. (One man called him a ‘tall drink of water.’)” read more

Development issues discussed at Ward 27 debate
Justin Skinner – – October 15, 2010

“Tindal said engaging the community earlier is a noble goal, but added such steps will accomplish little if the city continues to deal with developments in an ad hoc manner. He called for the completion of larger planning documents that will shape development on a wider scale.” read more

Church-Wellesley Village Historical Buildings Threatened
Nicole Di Lullo – Ryerson Journalistm – September 27, 2010

“Chris Tindal, on the other hand, is clear on where he stands in regards to the development…” read more

Ward 27 debate far from ordinary
Kris Scheuer – Town Crier – June 24, 2010

“At the end of the night Tindal gave one of the best speeches explaining the importance of running for council…” read more

#voteTO Candidates Debate All Fun and Games
Wyndham Bettencourt-McCarthy – Torontoist – June 11, 2010

“…candidate Chris Tindal was greeted with cheers…” read more

Unencumbered by incumbents
Chris Bilton – Eye Weekly – May 5, 2010

“[Chris is an] enthusiastic young man who appreciates the non-partisan aspect of municipal politics, Tindal thinks that all parties have legitimate things to bring to the table…” read more

Bike lanes wheel to the front of campaign
David Rider –  The Toronto Star – April 21, 2010

“‘Lots of people have told me, ‘You can get my vote, all you have to say is you’re opposed to this bike thing,’’ candidate Chris Tindal said, adding: ‘I think that Jarvis has become a symbol of the frustration drivers have, and a bit of a scapegoat’ for Toronto’s traffic problem…” read more

There’s a new mayor in town
Vivian Song – The Toronto Star – March 5, 2010

“[Tindal] sees [social networking application] Foursquare as another way to communicate and be more accessible to the public. Politicians could use it to let constituents know when they’re in their campaign office, for instance, or when they’ve checked in to community events, he says.” read more

Bumper crop of candidates expected
Kris Scheuer – Town Crier – March 3, 2010

“The race to replace outgoing city councillor Kyle Rae is the busiest in the city… Chris Tindal says he’s running to make a difference…” read more

Chris Tindal enters race for Ward 27 against two trans women
Meri Perra – NewsFix – January 27, 2010

“’I have voted and supported the recognition of equal marriage at (the United Church) before government did,’ Tindal said. ‘I was proud to speak in favour of these motions…’” read more

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