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The Agenda will be awesome tonight

And not just because I’ll be a guest. Tonight’s episode dedicates a full hour to a discussion of not just “what are the forgotten issues of this election campaign,” but also “how do they become forgotten?” Are voters making their decisions based on theatre or policy? Do we suffer from a “gotcha” media that lowers the level of debate? How is the discourse in the United States different from here in Canada, and why?

Other guests include Andrew Coyne and Margaret Wente. Live at 8pm tonight on TVO.

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Tonight’s Performances

I’ll again be appearing on “Focal Point with John Taylor” live tonight from 8pm to 9pm on Rogers Newmarket. Why do I keep doing these Newmarket shows? My grandma lives there, that’s why.

When the show’s done at 9pm I’ll be heading up to The Last Class at Georgian College in Barrie where I’ll be playing guitar and singing songs until 1am as part of the cleverly named band “Steve and Chris and Alex.” Seriously.