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Endorsement From Nick

From a blogger named Nick who was at last night’s debate:

…I’m voting Green in the upcoming federal by-elections next Monday. Tindal has my vote not only because I’ve come to realize how ridiculously obvious his platform makes sense, but because he seems to present a certain air of confidence, humility and intelligence that I haven’t seen in a federal election candidate.

Bob Rae exhibited that decades in the political establishment can result in a well-spoken, well-oiled political machine; Don Meredith‘s difficulty in distinguishing himself from Harper shed light on one failing of our parliamentary system; El-Farou Khaki proved that even with the right background and smarts, showmanship is the name of the game.

But Chris (who I had already seen in action at a University of Toronto young leaders debate for the Ontario Provincial election) presented his position and views clearly, threw in a self-deprecating remark or two, remained above the muck-slinging one might have expected in a political debate and earned the loudest applause from the crowd. At least that was my take…

One last thing: what is up with cantankerous old people? Maybe I’m not cynical enough, I haven’t had my dreams shattered, or I don’t rely on the government for many things, but the number of angry comments, venomous spittle and all manner of viciousness that was thrown at the Grits and Tories was shocking. A little bit of decorum and respect please…at least the candidates took it all in stride. Most of them were probably used to it by now.

So in closing: if you’re in a riding that is up for a by-election on March 17, I encourage you to get out and vote. I’ll probably have more thoughts on this wicked little game called politics as the year carries on, especially with the circus that’s happening south of the border.

A Senator, A Candidate, and A Blogger

I’m proud to draw your attention to three more endorsements of my candidacy, in no particular order.

The first is from The Honourable and Very Reverend Dr. Lois Miriam Wilson, a former independent Senator (appointed by Prime Minister Chrétien), former Moderator of the United Church of Canada, and a Companion of the Order of Canada. Some of Lois’ other accomplishments include being a recipient of the Pearson Medal of Peace, a director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and a member of Fair Vote Canada’s advisory board (something that you know is of particular interest to me). Lois writes, “I endorse Chris Tindal because he clearly articulates a sound political platform and demonstrates political leadership of a fresh young generation.”

The second is from Dr. Rose A. Dyson, a former federal Progressive Conservative candidate and current Chair of Science for Peace (Media Working Group) at the University of Toronto. It’s been great to get to know Rose better over the past few years. She writes, “Chris Tindal is exactly the kind of ethical, Green candidate we need in Parliament. His sound judgment and grasp of the political challenges facing us at this juncture in our human history inspires and offers hope for a sustainable future to young and old alike in Toronto Centre.”

The third endorsement is from our progressive blogging community. I was happy to read last week that James Calder of The Progressive Right was coming to my campaign launch, saying “it’s time to try something new.” He made it clear, however (both in his post and when speaking with me at the launch) that he was just kicking the tires. Then, two days after visiting our office, he made a post titled Vote for Chris Tindal in Toronto Centre.

Thanks to all! I’m honoured to have your support.

Message from Laurie Arron

I just got off the phone with Laurie Arron. Laurie (who is currently studying in France) is a friend, a Green Party supporter, and a prominent member of our community. As the Former Director of Advocacy for Egale and the former National Coordinator of Canadians for Equal Marriage, he knows a thing or two about winning an uphill political struggle. (He also knows how to successfully work himself out of a job, an aspiration of all good Green candidates. ;-) )

Laurie asked me to share with you the following, which I’m adding to my growing endorsements page. (My campaign manager Jeff has informed me he’s going to explore having our office door widened in case I start having a hard time fitting my head through the frame.)

Given its diverse makeup and history, the riding of Toronto Centre should be at the leading edge of Canadian politics—and that means electing Canada’s first Green Member of Parliament. Canada needs Green MPs now. In this election, Chris Tindal is the only viable alternative to Bob Rae…the only candidate with the ability to unite voters across the riding. Chris is fresh, intelligent, enthusiastic, the ideal voice to represent Toronto Centre in Ottawa.