Ok, that was awesome

I know I’m a partisan, but Elizabeth May rocked that debate. I’m particularly thrilled that she named fixing our broken electoral system as her number one priority. It probably wasn’t the answer a focus group would have told her to use, but it was the right one. (And now, as I type this, it’s also the topic of the first question in the post-debate press scrum.) Also worth noting that I still can’t remember the last time Jack Layton even mentioned fair voting. Got anything to say, Dipper Chick?

Also, special thanks to the CBC for not repeating last night’s error.

4 thoughts on “Ok, that was awesome

  1. Me too. I shouted out loud and leaped out of my seat (despite a bad back!) when I heard that.

    I’ve always insisted, through my work on poverty and as a woman living with disability in deep poverty, that electoral reform should be the first order of business for any government. No other issue – poverty, environment, crime, etc. – will get addressed until democracy is restored and the voters’ choice is honoured.

    Had I been undecided and not already a Green, May would have sold me on that alone.

  2. I was surprised she picked PR too, and glad she got in a forbidden joke about finishing the shed, cementing her place as the most approachable of the leaders.

  3. 1. Give it a rest, Chris. Jack is regulary promoting voting reform.
    2. Good for Elizabeth for raising it tonight – and for delivering an honourable, rousing performance all around.

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