Oh come on, CBC

This is nonsense. The CBC goes to their post-debate panel and it includes a representative from every party except the Greens? And then as if that wasn’t bad enough, when Don Newman went around the table he asked the NDP pundit to comment on Elizabeth May’s performance as if she could speak on Elizabeth’s behalf. The NDP representative was then of course free to heap criticism on May for a minute with no one there to refute her. Pathetic.

7 thoughts on “Oh come on, CBC

  1. Chris, would you have made yourself available had CBC asked the Greens to send a pundit?

    Am assuming they didn’t invite the Greens OR that they did and were told no one was available.

  2. Meanwhile, the National’s summary of the debate gave significant profile to May, visual and explicit, with zero mention of Layton. I’ll agree here: the CBC’s treatment of this election has been eratically unbalanced. And I start out here as a longtime CBC fan.

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