The Agenda will be awesome tonight

And not just because I’ll be a guest. Tonight’s episode dedicates a full hour to a discussion of not just “what are the forgotten issues of this election campaign,” but also “how do they become forgotten?” Are voters making their decisions based on theatre or policy? Do we suffer from a “gotcha” media that lowers the level of debate? How is the discourse in the United States different from here in Canada, and why?

Other guests include Andrew Coyne and Margaret Wente. Live at 8pm tonight on TVO.

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3 thoughts on “The Agenda will be awesome tonight

  1. Hi Chris, great to see you on the Agenda tonight! Another issue that they are not talking about is whether Canada will loosen its immigration/refugee policies when climate change causes low lying coastal regions to become flooded. This should be part of the “vision” for a future Canada as well, and not just a future that includes the next 4 years in the election cycle.
    Liz C.

  2. Great job. Well done. You held your own amongst heavyweights.

    (btw I agree with Coyne on shift in the GP under May)

  3. I was flipping though the TV channels late last night and ended up watching The Agenda on TVO. I wanted to let you know that I thought you did a good job. I was delighted that you and the other speakers brought up the point about proportional representation and reforming Canada’s voting system. The media didn’t seem to get why Ms. May said that this was her #1 priority should she become Prime Minister. I’ll be subscribing to your blog to read more about what you have to say.

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