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The results

Chris Tindal for Ward 27 CookieThe results are in, and while they’re not what we hoped for, we should be proud of what we’ve accomplished. Last night I spoke with five other Ward 27 candidates to congratulate them on strong campaigns, including Kristyn Wong-Tam who undeniably had the strongest campaign and earned a hard-fought victory. (I hope to speak with many of my other opponents soon as well.) Our incoming councillor was very generous in her comments, and said she looks forward to working together to build Ward 27.

I’m particularly proud of and happy about three things today. First, friendships that have been made and strengthened. A campaign is a community, and ours was a great one to be part of.

Second, and related, that we had such a strong showing without a big political machine behind us. This was a grassroots multi-partisan campaign that grew as we went along. Some of our most dedicated volunteers were people that joined us after we knocked on their doors, like a snowball rolling down a hill. I’m so humbled that so many great people gave so much of themselves.

Ward 27 campaign flyers in a doorThird, the strength of the other candidates. What an amazing thing we accomplished here. Over and over again people told me that there were multiple council candidates they wanted to vote for, who they thought would make great contributions to council. How often does that happen? When was the last time you voted in an election and thought, “gosh, there are just too many good choices?” It’s remarkable.

This week, we’ve got work to do closing up the campaign office, returning rented furniture, collecting and recycling lawn signs. Claire and I will then spend the weekend at a bed and breakfast in Prince Edward County before I return to work from my three-month leave of absence on Monday.

I’ve learned a lot during this campaign, and hope to share some of that in this space over the coming month.

More to come.

Today, your vote will make a difference. Here’s how.

It’s been a long campaign, and it all comes down to today. Your vote will help ensure we have a city councillor who represents every one of Ward 27’s residents and neighbourhoods, and that we have improved public transit, responsibly managed finances and smart sustainable development.

How to vote

To find out where to vote, click here or phone 311.

You’ll need to bring ID that shows your name, signature and address. For a list of acceptable ID, click here.

Voting is open from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. If you have any questions or require assistance getting to your voting station you can call our office (416.351.8000).

Why vote

Because the municipal level of government affects our lives more directly than any other, and because it’s more important than ever that we have a strong city council. This is a very tight race—it may come down to as little as 100 votes—your vote will make a difference.

Why Chris Tindal

Chris is endorsed by respected people from across the political spectrum and all over our ward. He has the best set of principles and priorities, and he has the business and governance experience to get results. I have been impressed by his honesty, integrity and genuine interest in what each and every person has had to say throughout this election. I am confident he is the best candidate for city council.

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or phone.


Lesley Myers
Campaign Manager, Chris Tindal Campaign

Full marks for Chris Tindal from the Toronto Environmental Alliance

The Toronto Environmental Alliance has released their candidate score card, and Ward 27 Council Candidate Chris Tindal has received a full 20/20 A+ grade. The report by TEA, recognized as Toronto Council’s environmental watchdog, evaluates candidates on their commitment to environmental priorities.

TEA is the second organization to release council candidate evaluations following ArtsVote, a group that also gave Tindal their top score for his commitment to arts issues. Out of the field of 15 candidates in Ward 27, only two including Tindal received the highest score possible from both organizations.

“The next council has a huge opportunity to advance environmental action that is good for the economy, reduces waste and creates jobs,” said Tindal. “Taking that kind of smart action will be one of my main priorities.”

For More information contact:
Matthew Ross
Media Relations