A Year of Blogging

In the fun and excitement of all things April, I forgot my own anniversary. One year ago this month (April 5th, to be exact), I began this blog because, well, it seemed like the thing to do. In my first post I outlined the hesitations I had, but so far it’s been a very rewarding experience. I particularly enjoy reading the comments people leave on my posts, because it helps me to understand when people agree with me, when they disagree, and why. In some cases, reader comments have actually changed my mind. Thanks for that.

Anyway, on this one-year-ish anniversary, I thought some of you might be interested in some christindal.ca stats (since I began tracking mid-May 2006):

Posts: 162
Comments: 176
Categories: 28
Absolute Unique Visitors: 3,535
Visits: 8,306
Page Views: 15,911

One of the other fun things I can tell is the keywords that people type into a search engine to end up at my blog. Aside from the obvious “Chris Tindal,” “Green Party Toronto,” and even “Elizabeth May,” here are some of my favourites. (I wonder if these people found what they were looking for. I’ve linked each term to the page where they would have ended up.)

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