May, Oui!

Apologies for my absence over the last few days. Many of you have likely realized that I’ve been at the Green Party of Canada’s National Convention in Ottawa since Wednesday. I had intended to blog live from the convention, but it turns out that (1) conventions mean you don’t have a moment of free time to do things like blog, or sleep, and (2) the Ottawa Congress Centre wanted me to pay for wi-fi. Rude.

Realizing the impossibility of doing justice to the last five transformative days in one blog post, I’ll tell one quick “looks like we’ve made it” story.

After Elizabeth May (who I’d been supporting) was announced leader and had made her victory speech, she made her way out of the convention room through the crowd. (For those of you who weren’t there or didn’t follow on TV, it was a great show, and Newsworld carried it live.) As Elizabeth passed where I was standing she hugged a woman in front of me. I squeezed her arm and yelled my congratulations, but she didn’t hear or see me and moved on.

My phone rang immediately. It was my brother, “So, couldn’t get her attention, eh?”

Same thing happened when I returned to the office today. So there we have it, I was snubbed by the new leader on national television and people noticed. Good work team.

Congratulations Elizabeth, I’m very excited for the months leading up to the next election. We’re making history — politics in Canada will never be the same.

ps. Let me know if you’d like me to comment on anything regarding the convention or Elizabeth more specifically. I’ve got lots more I could say, but don’t know where to start. Help requested.

3 thoughts on “May, Oui!

  1. Yes, I’m going to take an upswing in criticism as a good sign. It means people are taking us seriously. Not to worry — we’re not new to these ideas, even if editorial boards are.

    See next post.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Great meeting you at the convention.

    What did you find positive or negative about the whole event overall? I think it was a very well organized event with plenty of volunteers and few small hiccups that we’ll hopefully learn from and adapt to (that’s something we Greens do well;-) before the next convention.

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