2 thoughts on “Watch TVO On Election/Referendum Night

  1. I’ll be surprised if the French ridings in Northern and Eastern Ontario support MMP. Three big franco-ontarian associations (AFO, AEFO and the AAFC) came out against MMP, pretty late in the game, and we didn’t had much time to react. We did find two allies: Jacques Legendre, a city of Ottawa councillor and Mr. Coza, an SOS Monfort volunteer. But I hardly think it will be enough to counteract the lack of analysis on the part of the Franco-Ontarian associations.

  2. Oh, pour ceux qui lisent ceci, la Représentation proportionelle mixte augmenterait la représentation francophone dans tous les partis, puisqu’ils pourront gagner des votes où qu’ils soient, au lieu de se concentrer sur les différences géographiques.

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