Video: Campaign launch highlights

When we launched our campaign last month at The Pilot Tavern, in the centre of the ward that’s at the centre of the city, I was overwhelmed by the support I received from those of you who were there or sent messages. It was a very special and exciting night. If you couldn’t be there (or you were there and want to re-live it), here are some video highlights of the evening:

In the coming days we’ll also post some longer-form video from the launch. (This highlights video is also available on Facebook.) And as always, if you’d like to get involved with this campaign, we’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Video: Campaign launch highlights

  1. Sorry I missed the launch party. Looks like a fabulous turn out. You will make an excellent city councillor when elected. You can count on my help.

  2. I met Chris twice and I must say I find his tactic to stand so close to you, in your face, is an annoying tactic…and it is a purposeful tactic, isn’t it Chris? Just be yourself, relax and be less aggressive. Right now you are a big turn off and will not vote for you.

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