Chris Tindal is endorsed by people from all over our ward and across the political spectrum. Here are just some of the things people are saying about Chris.

“A true city lover… top on environment and economy.”

    Glen Murray, MPP for Toronto Centre

“Chris Tindal represents the best of what our neighbourhood is all about. He is committed to a community which is diverse, healthy and prepared to meet the challenges of living in an urban environment. He knows we must be creating a sustainable future for all. He brings youth, significant political experience and sound judgement. We will all benefit from having him represent us on the new City Council. That is why I support him in his candidacy.”

    The Honourable David MacDonald, Former Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament for Rosedale (Toronto Centre)

“Chris has the intelligence, commitment and compassion to be a fine Councillor. His knowledge of local issues, his integrity and his ability to articulate a vision for the City of Toronto ensure that, if elected, he will be the catalyst for change that this city desperately needs. I am delighted that Chris has offered himself for public service.”

    Rob Oliphant, Liberal Member of Parliament for Don Valley West

“Chris Tindal is an informed and articulate candidate  who will represent his constituents fearlessly and intelligently.”

    – The Honourable and Very Reverend Dr. Lois Miriam Wilson C.C., Retired Senator

“Chris Tindal is open-minded, passionate, articulate and thoughtful. These are qualities he’s cultivated since we first met, and the ones that will make him a valuable advocate on Council for his neighbours and Toronto as a whole. He’s young, progressive, and an innovative thinker — in short, he represents the future we need for our city. He has my full support for the seat in Toronto Centre.”

    Liam McHugh-Russell, Ontario NDP Youth Chair, 2004-2005, NDP Candidate for Member of Parliament, Etobicoke-Lakeshore, 2006, 2008

“I believe that Chris Tindal is the best choice for councillor and that he has both the political and policy background necessary to serve the residents of this Ward. Chris understands the role that communities play in creating a great and diverse city. Chris also understands that improving public transit, and creating more infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists will keep this city green and sustainable in the future.”

    Evan Dean, withdrawn 2010 Ward 27 Council Candidate and Pride Toronto Volunteer Coordinator

“Chris has the right combination of brains, class and vision that Ward 27 deserves. He will make an excellent City Councillor.”

    Ralph Benmergui, broadcaster and producer

“One of Chris’s great strengths is that he is not afraid to engage with his community on the hard issues, and is genuinely interested in what people have to say. This, along with his integrity, honesty, and energy, makes him the kind of councillor our city needs.”

    Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario

“As someone who has become increasingly disheartened by municipal politics in recent years, I am only too happy to support a candidate with such genuine concern for the community and who is intelligent, energetic and committed. I appreciate Chris Tindal’s excellent grasp of the issues at hand and the respectful tone of his campaign. He is the perfect candidate to represent our interests at City Hall.”

    David Gonsalves, Ward 27 resident and Chartered Accountant

“Chris Tindal has a most impressive grasp of the issues challenging our ward. He would bring an intelligent new voice to City Council.”

    Peter Russell, Ward 27 resident and University Professor emeritus of political science at the University of Toronto.

“I see in Chris both charisma and character. Chris Tindal is the only candidate for council in Ward 27 who inspires (in me) hope and optimism. He appeals to the better angels of our nature and the ward would be well-served by having Chris as Councillor.”

    Max Naylor, Youth Prime Minister of Canada.

“Chris will effectively represent us, not only on local issues but also on the important city-wide planning and financial decisions that will determine the future of our city. He is committed to improving how Toronto works.”

    John Bossons, former chair, Summerhill Residents’ Association

Laurie Aaron, former equal marriage advocate for Egale Canada, is also proud to endorse Chris.