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Welcome to the official campaign website for Chris Tindal, candidate for City Councillor of Toronto’s Ward 27. If this is your first time visiting, you may want to watch this video from our campaign launch. You can also learn more about Chris on the about page or check out who’s endorsing him. You can easily and quickly get involved by donating or signing up to volunteer. Finally, stay up to date by signing up for email updates on the right side of any page. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. i would like to better understand his attitude towards privatizing ttc and allowing it to run as a business not such a self serving labour organization. mass transit is great. who was behind the stupidity of the st clair ttc “improvement” that caused approx 20% of merchants to go out of business??!! why did the city not offer tax compensation to landlords to pass on to merchants as a rent subsidy during the construction. look at how many people were served by this ttc improvement, just to “speed things along” by 4 or 5 minutes?

    what is chris’ attitude to building more subways and decreasing streetcars and buses that only impede the flow of traffic and are inefficient mass transporters in comparison to subways….look at paris, for example!!

    look at the disruption on bloor….and for what??? reduced car lanes, more bike lanes, less parking (i have listened to the arguements by city engineers but they are so much gabble). when i asked planners if they had planned for traffic flow impedence by all the work to take place, the city planner, in front of about 100 regional merchants, said NO!! he said, “typically we wait to see what happens and then we do something if needed”!!! this is why our city is so screwed up from a planning/traffic perspective!! i would like to hear what chris has to say about this attitude at metro hall!

  2. Hi Chris –

    Still intending to do some work for you but can’t really commit much time until after Labour Day. Will be in tough then and look forward to working with you! Phil

  3. That’s great, thanks Phil! Looking forward to it.

    @Josh – You raise a few issues so I’ll give you some point-form answers. Let me know if you’d like any detail on any of these points.

    * I completely agree that St Clair was badly planned and horribly managed. It took just as long to build the St Clair streetcar right of way as it took to construct Toronto’s first subway all the way from Union to Eglinton. That’s unacceptable, and demonstrates a lack of accountability.
    * I also agree that Bloor street has been poorly managed, in this case mostly due to a lack of communication between all of the different parties performing work. Ultimately it’s the city’s responsibility to ensure projects are on schedule and on budget, and penalties should be built into agreements with partners. The buck should stop with the councillor.
    * I don’t support privatizing the TTC because the evidence I’ve seen suggests that would lead to higher fares without an improvement in service. (We can look to London UK, for example, which has just finished bringing their Underground system back into the public realm after an experimentation with privatization.) I do however think there are significant customer and transit service improvements that can be made using existing TTC resources. It doesn’t cost extra money to be courteous and to make better management and governance decisions.
    * Subways are great where there is the density to support them and a plan to pay for them. I think that Toronto needs to prioritize the construction of the so-called Downtown Relief Line subway that would offer better service throughout the core and alleviate pressures on existing subway lines.

  4. Everyday when I walk to walk from the Bay/Dundas area I go through a gauntlet of beggars. I don’t see anything on your abbreviated platform about poverty in our Ward. How, if at all, would you resolve this situation, other than pointing a finger at the Province and Feds, like our outgoing Mayor has?

  5. Hello, I live at 192 Jarvis, between Dundas and Shuter streets. I was leaning towards voting for Joel Dick, but Chris really impressed me during the Ward 27 debate on Rogers TV a couple of weeks ago. One of the most important issues for me in this neighbourhood is, despite the installation of bike lanes on Jarvis and Shuter, is bicycles on the sidewalk. I have had many close calls walking on the sidewalks and have been nearly hit a number of times either by myself or with my small dog. I would like to know what Chris would do to resolve this issue and get bikes off the sidewalks where they don’t belong. Would he propose something like a combination of education and increased police presence/ticketing? Thanks.

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