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Message from Laurie Arron

I just got off the phone with Laurie Arron. Laurie (who is currently studying in France) is a friend, a Green Party supporter, and a prominent member of our community. As the Former Director of Advocacy for Egale and the former National Coordinator of Canadians for Equal Marriage, he knows a thing or two about winning an uphill political struggle. (He also knows how to successfully work himself out of a job, an aspiration of all good Green candidates. ;-) )

Laurie asked me to share with you the following, which I’m adding to my growing endorsements page. (My campaign manager Jeff has informed me he’s going to explore having our office door widened in case I start having a hard time fitting my head through the frame.)

Given its diverse makeup and history, the riding of Toronto Centre should be at the leading edge of Canadian politics—and that means electing Canada’s first Green Member of Parliament. Canada needs Green MPs now. In this election, Chris Tindal is the only viable alternative to Bob Rae…the only candidate with the ability to unite voters across the riding. Chris is fresh, intelligent, enthusiastic, the ideal voice to represent Toronto Centre in Ottawa.