4 thoughts on “Small Dead Tindals

  1. I feel your pain. She made a passing reference to my blog once and I suddenly went from an average 40 hit day to close to a thousand.

    On the graph it looks like a big middle finger sticking up.

  2. She noticed me a few days ago as well.

    She is being sued by Richard Warman along with several others. She screamed “free speech” and proclaimed that everyone, including “lefties” must give her money. Then she learned of the Crookes cases, was getting assailed for not supporting them, so then proceeded to write a post, mentioning me, arguing that “lefties” should take care of their own.

    Free speech: For right wingers, only.

  3. Wow… that really hurts… I haven’t had the painful experience of having that dark section of the blogosphere find my blog yet. I guess I should consider myself lucky in that regard

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