Media Idol

Since I haven’t blogged in almost a month, I felt it was important to make sure my first post back was a significant one. So here it goes: I need your vote. Not for Parliament, but to win Media Idol. It’s just like Canadian Idol, with a few key differences: it’s only open to people who work in the media, instead of making you line up and suffer for hours you wait in a green room with free refreshments, and the winner gets to dedicate $1000 to a charity of their choice. I’m singing for Camp Big Canoe, a boys and girls summer residential camp that I sit on the board of directors of.

Click here to vote for me. (Watching the video of me singing is optional. And try not to get distracted by my flashy competitors with their big budgets and Argos cheerleaders.)

I’ll try and get back to blogging more regularly as soon as I can, but as soon as the election dust settled I noticed a very neglected day-job (not to mention a neglected fiancée), so my days are full right now making up for lost time.

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