Bike Lanes Averted

TORONTO – Negotiators for the TTC union and the City of Toronto worked two hours past their self-imposed deadline yesterday to avoid a transit strike that would have seen the creation of new bike and carpool lanes.

A plan approved last month by city council called for the curb lane on Bay Street from Queen’s Quay to Yorkville to become a bike-only lane, along with curb lanes on Queen’s Quay from Lower Spadina Avenue to Yonge Street, and Dundas Street East from River Street to Broadview Avenue.

City politicians celebrated the deal, saying they can now go back to claiming that bike lanes are very expensive and take a very long time to establish. “That was really close,” one councilor said. “Just imagine. If we’d created those bike lanes, cyclists might have gotten used to them! Heck, some people might have even tried biking to work in safety for the first time and enjoyed it. It could have been habit forming.” When asked if he was trying to equate cyclists to drug users, the councilor replied, “what do you think?”

Another councilor agreed. “Drivers can rest assured that this council will not do anything to jeopardize their unquestioned supremacy on the roads,” she said.

5 thoughts on “Bike Lanes Averted

  1. Here in Saskatoon we have had a comprehensive bike plan on the books for about 3 years, at the cost of 2 or 3 million (that might be high). Our fine city council has seen fit to spread the funding out over 10 years! and that’s after stalling for 3 years….but they are more than willing to pump in excess of 320 million into a new bridge…. Of course, maybe I shouldn’t complain, as they clearly aren’t spending money on fixing the roads as well…

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