My Most Effective Sunday Ever

Yesterday morning, I helped distribute flyers for Adrian Heaps who’s running for councillor in Scarborough Southwest (Ward 35). As it turns out, his son Toby and I did most of the actual running, from house to house, up and down driveways.

(Apparently, the muscles you use to run are very different from the ones you use to bike. Today I’m actually walking with a limp.)

Later that day, I made a quick-and-dirty website for The Lakeshore Local, a transit plan being proposed by Matthew Day, Etobicoke-Lakeshore (Ward 6) council candidate and a Green Party member.

I tell you this because I’m delighted to see that in today’s Globe And Mail, these two men (who I’m not sure have even met, or are aware that I’m doing double duty for them) were featured in a piece called Two off-the-beaten-track solutions for city traffic.

As far as I can tell I’m the only common link between the two candidates, and therefore the main reason they’re getting this kind of attention. Gentlemen, you’re welcome.

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