On My Way To Halifax

Sorry for being out of touch, it’s been an extra busy week. For now I’ll just say that there are lots of exciting things in the works that I’ll let you know about soon, including a Green Party podcast I’m getting ready to launch.

This weekend I’m on my way to Halifax for the first of several Green Party mini-policy conferences. These events will be key to 1) making sure we have another solid platform for the next election that covers a wide variety of issues, and 2) convincing the media that we’re credible and deserve to be included in the televised leaders’ debates. (Having a policy conference in-between elections was one of the conditions for inclusion stated by at least one executive last time around — by the end of this year we will have had six since the summer.)

This first conference is on “Tax shifting and Environmental Economics.” (Yes, this is my idea of a good time. I clearly have some kind of sickness.) I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now, off to the airport…

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