Clean Water Is Not A Right: Canada

Do you believe that clean air is a human right? Clean water? Uncontaminated soil? Most of us do. That’s why you might be surprised to learn that your government does not.

“At both the 2nd World Water Forum at The Hague in 2000, and the 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto in 2003, Canada refused to declare water as a human right. And in 2002, Canada was the only country to vote against a resolution by the UN Committee on Human Rights to appoint a Special Rapporteur to promote the right to water, stating, ‘Canada does not accept that there is a right to drinking water and sanitation.'” (source)

We don’t? Yikes. That can’t be. I’m sure it was a typo. We must have meant to say something like “Canada does not accept that many are without drinking water and sanitation.”

Hopefully someone can retype our statement pronto and clear up this silly misunderstanding.

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