100 Days of Harper ‘Tude

Today marked the Harper government’s 100th day in power. I wanted to put together a tear-jerking slow-motion thanks-for-the-memories-style video montage, but ran out of time. I’ll try and be more organized for day 200.

Instead, it looks like Harper’s team has decided to mark the occasion in their own way. There was no shortage of eye-catching news today, including:

  • Emerson admitted he’s given up on free trade
  • The government flat-out canceled EnerGuide
  • The government censored details regarding Dingwall’s resignation (the same details they’d demanded the Liberals release)

Also, I think you should know that we’re dangerously close to losing the banana. I’m not saying I can pin this one directly on Harper, but I will say this: when we lose bananas, we’re going to get angry (avoiding obvious pun), and we’re going to blame somebody. At least, I know I will. The PM’s PR people should start working on this one now.

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