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Where’s Tindal?

You may have noticed that I used to blog a lot, and now I blog almost not at all. There are a number of reasons. One is that after running as a candidate in the longest federal campaign in the history of this country (yes, actually) I’ve needed a break. The other is that following my successful appearance on CBC radio’s The House as their weekly Mystery Guest (listen 21 minutes into this file) I’ve been participating in an elaborate Maclean’s magazine project modeled after Where’s Waldo. See if you can find me in this week’s issue.

What’s that? Too lazy to go pick up this week’s issue? Ok fine, here’s a subtle hint. (And no, I’m not the guy in the football uniform.)

Where’s Tindal?

Campaign Office Opening: Photos

Thanks to Shaun and Everett for posting photos from our amazing campaign office opening party on Flickr and Facebook. I’ve copied some of my favourites below. (To round out the web two-point-oh-ness of it all, I’m told a third person will be posting a YouTube video tonight.) Last Tuesday we became only the second Toronto Centre campaign to open an office full time, providing further evidence that we are a very serious factor in this by-election.

Oh, and I should also thank Jim Harris for posting a delightful photo of my friend Matt looking very stunned. Matt’s wife and I have been teasing him all day. Says Matt (quoting Jackie Chiles), “this is the most public of my many humiliations.”