What makes a politician great?

Embedded below, video from last night’s The Agenda. This was my third appearance (first one here, second one here) which makes it tempting to refer to myself as a regular, but that would probably jinx any chance I have at future appearances. (It’s a privilege and a joy to be on The Agenda. It’s a great show and Steve Paikin is a very impressive host.)

Get comfy before pushing play. It’s a little over 50 minutes long.

4 thoughts on “What makes a politician great?

  1. Good job. Funny line about Mulroney – made me think of Alex Keaton on Family Ties for some reason.

    Can’t say I agree with your characterization of your “very good friend” (hmmmm) as a great politician at all- well, only if you were using it in the traditional pejorative way.

    The irony is that when she continuously claims “she is not a politician” her actions speak otherwise, which, I suppose does make her to some extent a “great politician”.

  2. Chris Tindal is a blogger, a Green Party strategist and a former candidate for the party in Toronto Centre. Visit christindal.ca.

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