The Agenda Thursday Night

Just confirmed that I’ll be a guest on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin tomorrow (Thursday) night live at 8pm EST, re-broadcast at 11pm EST, despite a near disastrous pre-interview fueled by cold medication. The topic: “What makes a great politician?”

Now, obviously if I knew the answer to that question I’d be in Ottawa right now. Or is that the only way to measure success? Let me know your ideas so I can steal them and look smart on TV.

Other guests:

  • Michael Bliss, U of T
  • Richard Gwyn, Toronto Star
  • Chris Tindal, former Green Party candidate
  • Janice McKinnon, U of Sask (via Saskatoon)
  • Sylvia Bashevkin, U of T
  • A sixth person is still to be determined.

3 thoughts on “The Agenda Thursday Night

  1. a great politician is not afraid to speak from and to the heart of those s/he wants to lead.
    You must find a way to shine a light on the harsh realities if what lies ahead while at the same time presenting a coherent and believable vision of what the ‘next’ Canada will look like.
    You must dare to inspire instead of conspiring to take power.

  2. Trust it went really well! If you know of that link would love to see it.

    Hey Ralph, inspire instead of conspire. Nice one. Totally agree.

  3. Thought the discussion was generally speaking very good. Thought you were excellent. You were right to insist that the existing system of brokerage politics, of cautious focus groups inspired politics, and the electoral system are all conducive not only to uninspiring visionless and gutless politicians, but also help diminish public participation in our democratic system.

    As a constituent of Parkdale High Park, I commend your choice of Cheri DiNovo as exemplary of a great politician in today’s Canadian political landscape. I agree with your assessment (she is bold, successful, a tireless advocate for her constituency and has, with the help of organized labour, shown that even the third party can influence the government’s agenda, not only on the minimum wage issue, but housing and employment standards). I believe we often underestimate the fact that the Opposition is not only vital, but integral to democracy. I find it a slap in the face when Gerard Kennedy or Sylvia Watson ask for our votes solely because they are better positioned for sitting in government benches as opposed to opposition benches. But mostly, I commend your non-partisanship, which was lacking in all the other guests.

    Now if you’d only run for the NDP, I’d be there volunteering in no time. But that’s a discussion for another day…

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