Bob, This Isn’t About You

Jane Taber reports in today’s Globe and Mail that Bob Rae is urging Dion not to force an election until after Rae is done with our March 17th by-election.

Listen, I get that Bob wants to get to Parliament as soon as possible. And I understand, as previously discussed, that having our by-election cancelled to make way for a general election would be a huge administrative pain, and also an extremely tiring and exhausting experience. My legs and my knuckles are sore too, and my family isn’t getting nearly the attention it deserves either.

But this is bigger than us. Stephen Harper is a dangerous prime minister, and his government is causing more and more damage by the day. There is no reason to believe that the House can continue to have confidence in this government. Meanwhile, our economy and our environment are in desperate need of new leadership. This isn’t about convenience, it’s about integrity and doing what’s right. We need to take a principled stand: if not now, then when?

5 thoughts on “Bob, This Isn’t About You

  1. As much as I loath the idea of a winter election, and as much as I wish we had more time to raise funds and local awareness, I’m getting tired of hearing the crap that is coming out of Ottawa and would like to get on with it.

    The outburst by Gerry Ritz on the wheat board is the perfect example of the true Conservative spirit, arrogant, hateful and not representative of what Canadians want.

    The advantage of waiting for the economy to pooch is evident and also gives more time for knobs like Ritz to spout off, but some days I wake up and say screw it , lets Go!

    I do hope to make it down and help out before the campaign ends, Good luck.

  2. I Disagree. This is about Rae.
    Harp about Harper all you want. But then who is Bob Ray.
    Do you prefer Bay Street Lite over Bay Street Extra?
    When it comes to how these people have run this county and in the process have manipulated our democracy to deny you a say in how the wealth of this nation gets shared, and that includes the fruits of your labours, these people and the main parties they represent are shades of the same.

    If you think bake sales are the way to fund our health care system, carry on with your harping.
    If you agree with the give away of Ontario’s public owned power generation assets at a cost of $10 billion to the public, then harp on.

    If you want to change politics and that means breaking the grip Big Business has on your government, vote for change.

    So Chris, I for one will place my hope for Canada’s future in your hands and I hope you’re up to what lies ahead.


  3. Assuming its up to the Fates how Bob Rae fares in TO Center,
    there may be pros and cons to Rae winning a seat per :
    Bob Rae: Liberal Poison

    It all depends on Rae’s intentions- actually the intentions of the puppet masters (and that’s a clue in itself).

    Dion isn’t establishment. He got past the old guard with support from the grassroots and so a Dion-May alliance is palatable.

    But would grassroots Greens want to share a bed with old Liberal party establishment & business connections?

    Potentially, there’s a lot at stake in TO Center.

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