Thanks James!

I continue to be humbled by all the great people who are endorsing my campaign, often without even being asked. If you’ve been following this site or received a letter from us, you know that they include prominent people from all of the old-line parties, as well as a diverse group of community leaders from across the riding. Along that line, I received the below letter from author and crime journalist James Dubro, who, as you’ll see, has an impressive CV. James, thank you for your confidence and your support.

The Green Party programs to address crime are the most progressive and sensible one of all the parties. The legalization of pot is an important step to taking some of the fuel out of the enormous growth and power of gangs and organized crime in our society. The war on drugs failed a long time ago, and making criminals out of users is a mistake and only helps the criminal mobs in Canada, not society.

Moreover the Green Party overall program on the environment is by far the most sensible and coherent. We need elected Green Party Members of Parliament to help improve our quality of life. Most of the other parties are tired, cynical, and not credible (some are even corrupt!). They have had their chance and failed. Now is the time to give some Greens like Chris Tindal and Elizabeth May a chance to bring some rational alternatives in Parliament.

Chris, we need idealistic, rational, intelligent, dedicated people like you in Parliament to make this country work better. The Green Party is for a progressive 21st-century-Canada while the older parties—especially the Liberals and the Conservatives—are stuck in the 20th and 19th centuries.


James Dubro
Former President of the Crime Writers of Canada
Former Chair of the Church Wellesley Neighbourhood Police Advisory Committee
Former Chair of the 52 Division Community Police Liaison Committee
Former Director of the Canadian National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association

One thought on “Thanks James!

  1. Whooee! You got my endorsement, too, ChrisFeller. I was at GPC campaign school and I volunteered to spend at least 8 hours knockin’ on doors in yer riding during the by-election.

    I wrote up a new boog story this mornin’. It’s mostly about the gal I adore, Earth Mother Lizzie May, and how she gave me a big hug yesterday but I also mentioned you and yer by-election.

    You might get a laff or two about how I described Bobby Rae but I won’t be so crude when I’m knockin’ on doors fer yer campaign. We don’t really nbeed to throw any mud. The Cons and Grits toss it at one another and the Dippers toss it at us and everyone else. The voters see there’s one party that takes the high road.

    Change the climate in Parliament!

    Live green? Vote Green!

    Yer boogin’ buddy,

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