Green Party Has Boost In Support

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The Conservatives and Liberals remain locked in a tight race but the Green Party has shown a slight boost in support, according to a new poll.

The latest Strategic Counsel survey, conducted between Dec. 6 and Dec. 9 for CTV and The Globe and Mail, found that neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals have managed to take a strong lead.

When respondents were asked who they would vote for, the results showed little difference from a few weeks ago (percentage-point change from a Nov. 12-13 poll in brackets):

  • Conservatives: 32 per cent (-2)
  • Liberals: 29 per cent (-2)
  • NDP: 16 per cent (same)
  • Green Party: 13 per cent (+5)
  • Bloc Quebecois: 10 per cent (-1)

In other words, we remain the only party with momentum, and we’re pulling support from all of the status-quo parties. The regional breakdowns are also interesting to note. Check out the huge jump in the west, where we appear to have hit the Conservatives where it counts.

The Conservatives appear to be losing ground in Quebec and are now slightly trailing the Liberals, although the Bloc remains a dominant force (percentage-point change from a Nov. 12-13 poll in brackets):

  • Bloc Quebecois: 40 per cent (-3)
  • Liberals: 20 per cent (+4)
  • Conservatives: 18 per cent (-7)
  • NDP: 11 per cent (+3)
  • Green Party: 11 per cent (+3)

The Liberals have fallen the same amount of percentage points in Ontario as the Conservatives have in Quebec, although they remain ahead of the other parties (percentage-point change from a Nov. 12-13 poll in brackets):

  • Liberals: 37 per cent (-7)
  • Conservatives: 33 per cent (+3)
  • NDP: 17 per cent (same)
  • Green Party: 13 per cent (+4)

Possibly hinting at voter displeasure with the government’s performance in Bali during the United Nations climate change conference, the Conservatives seem to have bled support to the Greens in the West (percentage-point change from a Nov. 12-13 poll in brackets):

  • Conservatives: 41 per cent (-7)
  • Liberals: 26 per cent (same)
  • NDP: 17 per cent (-3)
  • Green Party: 16 per cent (+10 per cent)

2 thoughts on “Green Party Has Boost In Support

  1. This is pretty impressive growth, but you still have to be pissed off with CTV that a 5% improvement is considered slight but had the Tories jumped 5+ it would have been claimed as a massive improvement.

    Once again this shows the stupidity of the claims we are ultra left and are leaching off the NDP, looks to me like we took 2% each from the Con and Lib and 1% split between NDP and bloc.

    I guess Fat Boy Duffy will still be claiming we have not earned our right to be in the debate yet.

    The Globe naturaly labled it as protest and vote parking yet again. It seems it’s still forbiden to admit we have a real message that reaches real people who will really vote for us.

  2. why are people so obsessed with the G&M, there are other good papers out there that are not as ‘business-friendly’ as they are…


    but they at least pointed out after the protest-vote remark:

    “Mr. Wiseman believes that many are parking their support with the Greens now, but that could dissolve in the face of strategic voting at election time. Mr. Lyle, however, noted that in October’s Ontario elections, the Greens held much of their support on polling day, and that might herald a new solidity of their support.”

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