Garth Turner Threatens to Kidnap Elizabeth May

I’m not really clear on why. He says he’ll “explain in the car.” I’m pretty sure it should be taken as a compliment.

She’s doing great since her hip replacement last week, by the way. She’s been discharged from the hospital, and was scheduled to be on the Current this morning. Come to to think of it, maybe someone should kidnap her and force her to rest for Pete’s sake.

One thought on “Garth Turner Threatens to Kidnap Elizabeth May

  1. Pretty funny. Of course, the Greens were calling on Garth to cross the floor to guaruntee that Elizabeth would have been included in the upcoming leaders debates. I don’t see that the Liberals, even under Dion, are going to do much for the environment.

    On other policy issues I am concerned with relating to new-economy issues, the Liberals appear to be the most backwards. They appear to believe that the new economy will be an industrial-economy where what is “manufactured” is knowledge. Reality is quite a bit different than this outdated myth. Why don’t they just manufacture consent while they are at it?

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