Elizabeth’s Surgery A Success

From Camille:

As Elizabeth would say, “Hip hip hooray”!

I’m writing today to let you all know that Elizabeth May has successfully received a brand new hip. The surgery began at 8 AM this morning (Friday) at the Ottawa General Hospital. By 10 AM, her doctor had called to let us know that the surgery went according to plan and that Elizabeth is resting and doing great.

Not even ten minutes later, the phone rang again. This time, it was Elizabeth, who wanted to tell us for herself that she was doing well after a successful surgery!

Elizabeth will be recovering in the hospital for the next few days and is looking forward to being back on her feet again in six weeks (or less!). Please join me and the rest of the Green Party’s staff in wishing her a speedy recovery.

Camille Labchuk
Press Secretary

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Surgery A Success

  1. Whooee! Thanks fer cluin’ me in, Chris. I just emailed Lizzie an’ wished her well. My ol’ Mum got a new hip a year an’ a half ago. It’s workin’ just like it’s supposed to.


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