Greens and NDP Tied


The poll also suggested the Green Party continues to show momentum across Canada, with 13 per cent support nationally, tied with the NDP for the first time in Decima’s polling, the agency said.

The poll recorded 35 per cent support for the Bloc Québécois in Quebec, down significantly from its numbers in the run-up to the last election, when the Bloc was regularly closer to 50 per cent support in its home province, Decima said.

“It seems more the case that they can find little to rally anti-Ottawa emotion with,” Anderson said Thursday in a release. “And so those voters in Quebec who are nationalist but not separatist feel free to consider their other options, which now decidedly include the Green Party.”

The Liberals followed the Bloc in Quebec with 23 per cent, with the Green Party at 13 per cent, and the NDP with seven per cent.

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