Where Has Rona Been?

Out to lunch. With oil executives.

At least that’s where Rona Ambrose, our environment minister, was two weeks ago instead of reacting to the environment commissioner’s report. We’ve been hearing a lot from the Conservatives about how that report slams the Liberals, and very little about the fact that it also criticizes the Conservatives for being on the wrong path. As usual, the Conservatives are more interested in attacking others than putting forward their own ideas.

Since then, Rona testified at a Commons committee where she lied (or, in the least, betrayed her ignorance) by saying that the Liberals had spent money on stuff they hadn’t. Then she tried to claim that comments made by Daphne Wysham from the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington supported her government’s opposition to Kyoto. Elizabeth May, who knows Daphne, thought, “hmm…that doesn’t sound right,” and called Daphne to confirm. Here was her response:

I am horrified that my statement criticizing the CDM has been interpreted by Canada’s Environment Minister as justification for not living up to the terms of the Kyoto Protocol. We absolutely need a vehicle for both curbing emissions in the North and providing resources for clean energy in the south. The CDM may be flawed, but throwing the baby out with the bathwater will set us back decades at a time when action to reduce greenhouse gases is urgently needed. Canada must not violate its legally binding Kyoto commitments.

I spent a lot of time packing this past month. I can think of at least one other person who should be sent to do the same.

UPDATE (October 12, 2006): More untruths from Rona.

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