Where Has Jim Been?


When Jim Harris stepped down as leader of the Green Party of Canada two months ago, he said he’d be moving from being in front of the cameras to the back room. Then Elizabeth May told him she didn’t want us to have a back room, so he settled for kitchen cabinet.

True to his word, he’s been keeping busy since then. (One spy even told me he took a shift answering the phones at the national office. That’s dedication for you.)

Most recently, Jim has started a blog which you can follow here. It’s worth reading — Jim’s very good at coming at old stories from new angles, and finding those clever twists and soundbites.

4 thoughts on “Where Has Jim Been?

  1. I’m glad to see that Jim is still around and working with the Party in various capacities. There were many people that demonized him for the ills of the last 18 months within the Party including a lot of the gaffs in the 2006 election. Some of it might have been his fault but I’m guessing not all of it. It hard for me to judge because I wasn’t directly involved or affected.

    Regardless, he was out in Alberta 5 times during the election and, for me, it had a lot to do with our success out here. Furthermore, after talking with him personally, you can tell that he’s 100% behind the party…. its just that not everyone agrees with how he does things.

  2. Of course, nobody’s perfect. But Jim has a very strong legacy. He’s the leader that took us from 0.8% to 4.2% and then 4.5%. He inspired people like me to join, and ultimately got this party to a place where it was ready for Elizabeth May.

    It was time for a new leader, but it’s hard to overstate how much Jim has done for this party.

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