Hit Me With The Double Digits

Today, for what I’m pretty sure is the first time, the Green Party of Canada hit 10% in a national poll. This reflects positively on our message and our new leader. It reflects negatively on the status quo parties who are failing to offer leadership.

For your reference, in 1993 with only 6.88% of the popular vote, the NDP elected 9 MPs.

Over the coming months, as the Green Party launches a series of policy conferences across the country, expect to see our popularity and credibility continue to rise.

Can I get a yip yip?

3 thoughts on “Hit Me With The Double Digits

  1. That was quick. Now the challenge begins of maintaining this momentum.

    The key for success is not just successful leadership, but a solid infrastructure within the party (communications, fundraising, strategy, etc.) If you guys can get that locked down the next election could be very interesting.

  2. Just wait until all the unpoliticized ladies out there find a woman is actually leading a party into the next election…

    A shitty way to get votes, but votes none the less!

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