Green Plan Schlock vs. Lovelock’s Clock

You’ve probably heard that the Conservatives are currently developing their “Green Plan II” by focus group. Apparently someone told them that this “environment stuff” is really popular right now. (That’s not a joke — it is, and there are a number of indications that Harper’s real number one priority is upgrading his government to a majority.)

Let’s just ignore the fact that focus groups are no way to lead. Oh, and the fact that the government is paying for it instead of the Conservative party. (Really? Do I have to ignore that? Ok…)

I wish I held out hope that this plan will be much more than a greenwash, but I don’t. And I’d be more specific if we were allowed to see the details, but we’re not. All we know for sure is that polluters are going to have a big say, that regulations are most likely going to voluntary, and that the plan will focus on air pollution instead of climate change (aka, the biggest threat facing our country in the foreseeable future).

We also know that the plan could take five years to develop and come into effect. Now, I don’t mean to be alarmist, but maybe they should read James Lovelock. The clock is ticking folks.

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