What can Elizabeth May be thinking?

Lots of positive press today, and one negative piece from the Globe
and Mail. My letter to the editor follows.

What, you ask, can Elizabeth May be thinking? Good question. Perhaps she’s thinking about the full, true cost of NAFTA (environmental, social, labour rights) and not just the cold financial numbers. Perhaps she’s thinking about the fact that when a trade agreement isn’t being respected, then it’s not worth the dead tree it’s written on. Perhaps she’s thinking that no trade agreement should allow a foreign company to put its profits before the health of Canadians.

Or maybe she’s thinking about taking a principled position instead of just saying what polls and focus groups tell her to. But I’m just guessing, of course.

Chris Tindal
Former Candidate, Green Party of Canada (Toronto Centre)

One thought on “What can Elizabeth May be thinking?

  1. From the G&M article, “…The danger is that Ms. May, former executive director of the Sierra Club of Canada, will adopt positions that are too extreme, diverting attention from such crucial issues as air and water quality…”

    Ha! Elizabeth May was elected as our leader and she is the spokesperson for the party. The Greens are not centralized; it’s the members that direct the party. The leader is simply the spokesperson.

    To imply that Elizabeth May could or would ‘adopt positions that are too extreme’ is to show that the author of this article is trying to create the tension that any good op/ed piece needs in order to be well read. It got my attention… but it’s not based in reality. We’re actually all a big team here and we’re all on the same page.

    Having a platform that covers all issues doesn’t divert attention away from environmental issues as the author suggests. The Green Party has a platform that covers all issues and as we can all see it’s now getting the attention it deserves.

    Go E go!!!

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