Ok, Maybe They Honestly Don’t Know What Those Words Mean

When the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is criticizing the Conservatives, you know something’s up. (Jason Kenney used to be their CEO, and all of the federation’s provincial directors have roots in conservative parties.)

Today, they’re upset that the government tried to keep a pay raise for senior officials under wraps. “What’s got my goat,” explained the CTF’s John Williamson, who gets extra points for using that goat expression I love so much, ” is that this is a government that was elected to be more transparent and accountable.”

Wait a minute…he’s right! It’s almost as this is becoming a bit of a recurring theme.

One thought on “Ok, Maybe They Honestly Don’t Know What Those Words Mean

  1. I’m going to have to start a list of all of the Conservative blunders (Emerson, Fortier, giving a $1B away on softwood, killing the environmental programs, not fulfilling the 5th promise, this, etc.) because I’ve already been told by a Conservative campaigner that they’re going to use the “we made 5 promises and we kept them” campaign for the next election.

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