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I won a thing

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that last Tuesday I participated in a Rock Band (the video game) competition for the Sick Kids Foundation. And my band won. And I’m really thrilled about it. A short video of one of our songs is embedded below and there’s a photo gallery on Flickr here. My brother Alex Tindal is on vocals (you may recognize him from the “Canada Land” Tim Horton’s Roll-up the Rim commercials), my wife Claire Salloum is on bass, and our friend Jerome Valero is on drums.

I will have you know that in this clip I am performing on “expert” and have lost my guitar strap, as has Claire. There are lots of hilarious things I could tell you about the evening, but main thing you should know is that our prize for winning this Rock Band video competition was recording studio time. Seriously.