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Eddie brings the perspective

The only time I’ve seen Pearl Jam in concert was in Chicago’s Grant Park two summers ago, the exact same place where President Barack Obama (yeah, Warren’s right, it feels amazing to type that — President Barack Obama!) made his victory speech on election night in November. That might have something to do with why this quote today from singer Eddie Vedder (via Alan Cross) struck me.

Two years ago, you were wondering what could there possibly be to unite our country and get us out of this mess. What can get us back on the positive? What can bring us back into some kind of standing with the international community? And it seemed like that there would not be any answer. Who knew we would get to this moment?

That’s how I sometimes feel about Canada right now.  There is a vacuum and no obvious way to fill it.

But Eddie brings an encouraging thought. Somewhere, for us too, there is a leader—or a team of leaders—waiting to articulate a vision for “rebuilding Canada,” so to speak. We just haven’t met them yet, or if we have, haven’t recognized what they have to offer. I’m optimistic that we will.

ps. Just to be clear though, Warren’s right about this too.