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Oh come on, CBC

This is nonsense. The CBC goes to their post-debate panel and it includes a representative from every party except the Greens? And then as if that wasn’t bad enough, when Don Newman went around the table he asked the NDP pundit to comment on Elizabeth May’s performance as if she could speak on Elizabeth’s behalf. The NDP representative was then of course free to heap criticism on May for a minute with no one there to refute her. Pathetic.

Two Questions…

…for my friends in the media. First, for The Toronto Star. In your report of this morning’s release of Vision Green, you wrote the following:

The party, which also advocates investments in pedestrian and bicycle “infrastructure,” says good transit and high-density housing is the key to making Canadian cities livable.

Say, um, why the quotation marks? Does the journalist consider pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure to be less “real” than other kinds of infrastructure?

Second, for Craig Oliver at CTV. At the end of an interview with my Liberal opponent Bob Rae, Mr. Oliver said “we look forward to seeing you in Parliament,” to which Bob Rae laughed and replied “me too.” Now, I recognize that Rae’s election is highly likely, but just to clarify, it’s still up to the voters of Toronto Centre, right?