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Funny Story…

When I posted the text and video of Obama’s Iowa victory speech last Friday I gave very little thought as to why I was doing so. It had just resonated with me and inspired me, and I wanted to share it. I also really liked the parallels I saw between his campaign (the message of change and hope, the example that an underdog can surprise you, the way he’s bringing together people from across the old political spectrum) and the campaign we’re running here. To illustrate those parallels, I linked select words and phrases from Obama’s speech to pages on this site.

So I was a little surprised to see that Bob Rae posted the exact same video to his site one day after I did, with the directive to “[reflect] on what it means for Canada.” It’s surprising because I’m not sure why he’d want to draw attention to the fact that new ideas beat out experience, that future thinking beat a politician from the past, that the candidate who everyone was sure was going to win is now, well

Then again, maybe, like me, he just got inspired and didn’t give it much thought.