Hey, we can have a Seinfeld convention too!

I’m writing this from a Via train (thanks to iPhone tethering, not the near-useless Via wifi) en route to London for the Green Party of Ontario’s Leadership and Policy Conference. Like the most recent federal Liberal leadership conference we only have one leadership contestant, but people are very excited about him. (Party rules dictate that he still has to defeat “none of the above” to become leader, so stay tuned. And if you’re still upset that you’re missing out on a more dramatic leadership contest, just wait for this impending nonsense. )

In addition to electing a leader and some executive positions, we’ll be work-shopping and debating policy with a view to having a great platform in 2011.

I believe that the Green Party of Ontario is poised to make some impressive gains in the provincial election that will take place at the end of that year. The Conservatives and the NDP have moved further to the ideological fringes, and the Liberals are getting badly battered by the kind of scandals that tend to happen when you’ve been in power too long. On the other hand, Greens are offering practical and needed solutions to the challenges our province faces, and voters are responding.

I’ve been asked to provide updates throughout the weekend on behalf of the provincial Greens, so you can follow my blog on the party site here, as well as the official Twitter account @OntarioGreens.

If I get ambitious and if the right moment presents itself I may even try out my new Flip video camera, but don’t get your hopes up too high.

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