Biking from Toronto to Montreal – Please sponsor me

This summer, Claire and I will bike from Toronto to Montreal as part of the Friends for Life Bike Rally to raise money for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation, which provides support for men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS.

In order to participate, however, we need to reach our ambitious fundraising goals. That means that every donation will count, big and small. And we’d really appreciate your support.

Click here to donate to Chris Tindal

Click here to donate to Claire Salloum

This is the first public announcement of our donation pages, so you could be first! Hurry! You’ll receive a tax receipt for any donation over $20, and I’ll also be super grateful.

4 thoughts on “Biking from Toronto to Montreal – Please sponsor me

  1. Bahahaha. I was just donating to a friend’s Ride for Heart fund, and I remembered that I forgot to donate to your insanely-long bike ride fund. Pete and I wanted to donate to both you and Claire for fairness, except I forgot and Pete didn’t. So if Claire was wondering why she got a donation from Pete, that is the story.

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