Rick Mercer on attack ads

Via his blog:

And how did we get here? Well it’s our own fault apparently. Because if you talk to any political strategist they will tell you attack ads work. Sure Canadians don’t like them, sure it means that smart people won’t go into politics, but it doesn’t matter to them because it works.

Well you know what? Who cares? If there’s a cat stuck up in a tree and you want to get the cat down, shooting the cat works too, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

Ok, so what now?

The only upside here is that unlike fixing the economy, getting rid of attack ads is simple. It won’t even take billions of dollars. All it takes is three men, three men who run three political parties, to agree and say fine, from here on in no more attacks. The buck stops with them. Because ultimately guys, we’re all drinking from the same well.

Great idea. Wonder if it’ll work.

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