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When I’m not playing politician or blogging, I have a very demanding “real” job. (That may seem like a profoundly obvious statement, but you’d be surprised how many people assume otherwise.)

My primary career so far has been in interactive media, first at Astral Television Networks producing sites like family.ca and themovienetwork.ca, then at Corus producing ytv.com. In late 2007 I moved to Metro Canada newspapers as their interactive Content Manager with a mandate, along with the director of the department, to completely relaunch Metro’s websites and essentially help build a new interactive business for the company.

Our first site redesign launched March 31st 2007 2008. It was a dramatic improvement over the previous iteration, but still not quite where we needed to be. So since then we’ve been working on major improvements, and earlier this month made another round of significant changes.

There’s a lot I’m very proud of with the new site, and I’d love for you to check it out. Metro Canada publishes in English in six cities (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax) and en français à Montréal. (It is, in fact, the only Canadian daily newspaper publishing in both official languages, among other claims to fame.)

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  1. I think the site is fantastic, Chris. I particularly like all the real photos of each city under different weather conditions for the Weather component. Nice touch. One thing though – it says it’s snowing lightly in Toronto, but it totally looks like a full-out blizzard in the weather image. Fix that and I think you’ve got a real winner. Congratulations.

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