Nomination meeting tonight

With a (potentially illegal) federal election now a near certainty, the Toronto Centre Federal Green Party association has called an emergency nomination meeting for tonight.

Ben Wicks Pub

424 Parliament Street (west side, between Gerrard and Carlton)

7:00 p.m.

I will not be running in this election. It’s too soon after the by-election for me to neglect my family, job, and friends to the degree that would be necessary, and I’m not willing to do a halfhearted/part-time job either. I’m confident this is the right decision for both myself and the party but it has been a difficult one to make, especially knowing that this is likely to be a very exciting, positive, and historic election for the Green Party of Canada.

After tonight we’ll have a solid candidate who will build on the excellent momentum we’ve established. I’ll be there to help them do just that.

All are welcome to the meeting tonight. It’s expected to be relatively informal.

6 thoughts on “Nomination meeting tonight

  1. Yeah, must be tough for longer term GP activists with strong and uncompromisable principles to visit the GPC main website and the first thing they see is a picture of Blair Wilson, the “first GP MP”.

    Anyway, I enjoyed following your last campaign from a distance last time. Good luck, Chris.

  2. Thanks Dot. Though for the record, I’m fully welcoming of Blair and strongly support Elizabeth’s role in accepting him. Will try and find time to blog about why so that we can have that debate. ;-)

  3. OK. I”ll be waiting for that blog (though I will acknowledge that he does make an attractive prop. Tough about his previous ethical challenges before seeking office)

    Nasty polls today – CBC Environics has Greens down to 7% , mind you, I doubt Jim Harris will be blogging about that one – wrong flavour of cherry to pick.

  4. Chris, your past efforts to raise the profile of the Green Party by presenting a strong campaign are well appreciated. I for one was taking notes! This will be my second time around, and I can only hope to live up to the standard that you have set. Cheers!

  5. Sigh. I am sad you aren’t running, though I completely understand (what with the job and marriage and all). I actually had a dream last night that you abruptly decided to run and I was overcome with joy. So I had to check this site just in case my dream was some psychic phenomenon. It wasn’t. I also dreamt that I looked in my closet and found amazing shoes I had bought years earlier but had forgotten about. That wasn’t true either. Stupid consciousness.

    Anyway, at least the Greens are in the debates, which seems like something that should feel more obvious than like a dream come true, but I’ll cheer anyway. YAY!

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