Election Eve Blogging

There’s something in the air. Sitting here in our campaign office, every computer is occupied with volunteers working to make sure everything’s ready for tomorrow. My email inbox is suddenly filling up with best wishes from family and friends (some of whom I haven’t heard from in years), as is my Facebook wall.

By any measure, this Green campaign has already been Toronto’s most successful ever. We have heard from far more supporters, delivered far more signs, raised more money, and received more media attention and endorsements than would have seemed possible when I first ran just two years ago. More importantly for me, we’ve also driven the agenda in a substantial way (more on this later).

Now, we need your vote. Call our office if you have any questions or need a ride. And happy St. Patrick’s day to all!

4 thoughts on “Election Eve Blogging

  1. Chris,

    Regardless of result on Monday I have to agree with Elizabeth that your campaign has been a positive one that does the Green Party proud. We all have a new standard that you have set.

    If anyone needed a final push to decide to vote for you, they just need to watch your video section.

    I’ll be raising my glass to you this evening, and wishing you all the best in becoming Canada’s first Green MP!!

    Great work, my friend, to you and the entire team!

  2. Congrats on a great campaign, Chris. You really have raised the profile of the GPC. I’ve been checking MSM and the Greens are not being left out of the TO Centre media coverage like we so often have been. You’ve made it easier for every Green candidate in the next general election. Thanks!

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