Ottawa Bound

Sorry for the lack of text blogs over the last few days, though I hope you’ve been enjoying the video clips we’ve been sharing from the first debate (special thanks to Zab for the videography and editing!). As you can imagine, I’ve been very busy knocking on a good chunk of the 60,000+ doors that exist in this riding. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. About a week ago our database administrator was sure there was something wrong when our records reported over 50 identified Green voters in one apartment building. Turns out that data was correct, and we’ve only canvassed that building once. Then yesterday, while canvassing on a short street with Trinity Spadina candidate Stephen La Frenie, we met 6  supporters out of only about 10 people who were home!

This is just a quick note to let you know that in a few minutes I’ll be traveling from our campaign office on Parliament Street to the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. Tomorrow I’ll be on the hill reacting to the federal budget on behalf of the national party, before returning to Toronto in the evening. I’ll try and get some reaction up here as soon as possible as well.

If you’d like to come help us out this week or next weekend, don’t hesitate to email or call Jason and let him know. It’s a lot of fun, and makes a big difference.

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